The Top Tier Student Bundle



The Top Tier Student Bundle is designed for students that dream of attending a top tier university. This bundle includes 40 hours of private 1 on 1 coaching, the Mastering Math course, the Advanced Placement Science Bundle, and one self-paced online learning course of their choosing. $9,500 value for $8000

The Advanced Placement Science Bundle covers all the material tested on the AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and AP Biology Exams. Our full-length exams in conjunction with our content review lectures and thousands of high yield practice questions has enabled Alexia Academic Consulting clients to average scores in the top 10%.

The Mastering Math Guided Learning Online Course encompasses all the high yield concepts tested in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. Each of the 44 Lecture topics are represented by a comprehensive content review that transitions into practice modules.
Students can choose between The ACT Self-Paced Online Learning course or The SAT Self-Paced Online Learning Course.


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