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Terms and Conditions Contract

            Welcome to Alexia Academic Consulting, where your academic success is our top priority. These are our terms and conditions that must be followed throughout the duration of working together. At any point if the client terms and conditions have not been followed, this can lead to client termination without refund and suspension of course access. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before accessing, using, obtaining any materials, information, products, or services. Terms are initially sent prior to payment and can be accessed again upon request by emailing alexiaacademicconsulting@gmail.com . If you do not accept all these terms, then you will not become an Alexia Academic Consulting client.


            We may modify these terms for any reason-at any time- by emailing a new version to all currently enrolled clients. Course access will be suspended until clients agree to the new terms and conditions. These changes do not affect rights and obligations that arose prior to such changes. If you object to modifications of these terms, then you are allowed a 50% refund of remaining hours and all course access will be suspended immediately. 

  1. There are a no refunds under any circumstances. Remaining cash value of private coaching hours can be allocated to other subjects if client no longer wishes/needs to use remaining hours for original intended purpose. Courses can be swapped for other courses of equal or lesser value up to 7 days from date of purchase. 
  2. Private coaching hours expire 1 academic calendar year from original date of purchase. Course access expires 1 academic calendar year from original date of purchase if client is no longer an active 1 on 1 coaching client. If client wishes to renew course access, then they must pay 25% of the original purchase amount. 
  3. CANCELLATION POLICY – Clients are allowed to cancel at no penalty at least 24 hours in advance. Original scheduled times are subject to change based upon mutual client and Alexia Academic Consulting agreements. If cancellation occurs within less than 24 hours before the scheduled session time, then the duration of the scheduled session will be deducted from the client’s hour balance. If you are an infrequent canceler, then your hours deduction will be at Alexia Academic Consulting’s discretion. If Alexia Academic Consulting cancels on you less than 24 hours of your scheduled session, then you will be given a free hour of private coaching added to your balance.
  4. RESCHEDULING POLICY- Clients are allowed to reschedule sessions at least 12 hours in advance of scheduled session start time. Rescheduling is subject to availability and Alexia Academic Consulting is not responsible for lack of preferred availability within 3 weeks prior to a national ACT or SAT recognized testing date.
  5. CLIENT SATISFACTION- Alexia Academic Consulting prides itself on its reputation for helping clients achieve their goals since June 2018. However, we strongly believe that you get out of something what you put into it and personal accountability must be taken on all sides. If a client is dissatisfied with the outcome of their scores, then they will receive a complimentary 1-hour session to troubleshoot and come up with a new gameplan of action. Clients will also be given an additional 6 months of online course access added to their course expiration date. Please see the refund section above for more information on refunds.
  6. DISCOUNTS- Clients are given a 5% discount if transactions are paid via Zelle. If clients wish to purchase additional hours once their hours are used, then they will be granted their original hourly rate if hours purchased are within 1 calendar year of each other. Welcome back clients always receive an additional 5% discount.
  7. COURSE UPDATES- Alexia Academic Consulting performs quality control checks quarterly to closely follow the updates of ACT Org and College Board (That’s why we’re so awesome).  All materials are modified and updated to reflect the always changing standardized tests and students’ learning needs. All currently enrolled clients are instantly given all updates once published, and renewal clients will have access to all updates free of charge.
  8. PAYMENT PLANS- Alexia Academic Consulting prefers all products and services to be paid upfront. If clients cannot pay the full amount upfront, then there are different high-quality products and services at all price points at alexiaacademicconsulting.com. Payment plans are only allowed for the luxury bundles that includes: The Top Tier Student Bundle, The Scholar Athlete Bundle, and The Ivy League Bundle. For clients wishing to use a payment plan on the luxury bundles, 50% of the payment must be given upfront via Zelle or Paypal Friends and Family, and the remaining 50% balance must be given within 30 days of the original payment date.

Intellectual Property Rights

Alexiaacademicconsulting.com and all their contents, features, and functionality (including but not limited to all information, software, text, displays, images, video and audio, and the design) are owned by Alexia Academic Consulting. Its licensors, or other providers of such material are protected by United States and international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws. You must not delete, alter, or redistribute any products or services. Posting any materials anywhere on the internet is strictly prohibited. Any use of Alexia Academic Consulting products not expressly permitted by these Terms of use is a breach of these terms of use and may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws.

By signing this agreement, all parties agree to the terms as described above. Alterations to this agreement can only be made by both parties and must be placed in writing. Both parties will receive an emailed copy of this signed agreement and will be responsible for upholding its terms.

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