The Experience

Every student will experience

  • Personalized guided learning.
  • Efficient learning with concise, direct, and easy to understand strategies.
  • Inspiring confidence in test taking and admissions by learning goal setting.
  • Fun while learning! Problem sets are colorful, fun, organized, and answers contain meticulous details with written explanations. Materials contain more high yield problems and full lengths than any brand on the market. 
  • Affordability.  With options from self-guided learning materials to 1 on 1 private coaching sessions that are less expensive than other companies. There is an option for every budget! 
Example of a customized schedule
  • I am direct and to the point in sessions. I am knowledgeable in the material covered on the test and I can answer any question instantly.
  • I use the law of attraction and goal setting when working with students. It is important for me to be their cheerleader during stressful moments of test taking anxiety. I like to work with students beyond the sessions to write out their goals and help them to develop a list of steps on how to achieve these things.
  • My motto is that I treat every student as if they were my own child and I give them my very best. I make sure to always be in contact with my parents and students if they need me. At other test prep companies this personalized treatment is not there. They don’t know your name or anything about you. I can tell you my students’ names, the sports they play, and what they aspire to be. I speak to parents weekly about their child’s progress, my recommendations, and I answer any questions that arise.