The STEM and Writing Course



The STEM and Writing Course is designed to increase every student’s ability to grasp critical STEM concepts and improve their overall STEM knowledge. This course includes but is not limited to a comprehensive content review of the topics associated within physics, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, data analysis and interpretation, scientific journal reading, creative writing, essay writing, and grammar. With more than 100 self-paced STEM and Writing video lectures alongside over 1000 high yield practice questions, there is no wonder why this course is great for future premed and engineering students. Our private Facebook group allows for students to interact with a supportive community of likeminded ambitious students and mentors from all over the country and world. Students will leave this course becoming more competitive candidates for college admissions by getting ahead of the curve in their core classes, AP courses, and on their college admissions tests.


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